Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heads up: Participation sheet that you will be asked to fill in the class today


 Each of you will be asked to fill in the participation sheet below in the class today. Please get ready with the relevant numbers:


CSE 471/598   Participation Evaluation Sheet



As you recall, the participation credit for this class is measured in terms of attendance, attentiveness and active participation (either through questions in class or via comments on the blog). Please help me evaluate your participation by providing answers to the following.


You will have to return this to me, in hard copy, in the last class.






How many regular classes (i.e., not counting the one makeup class), did you miss:



(Please look at http://rakaposhi.eas.asu.edu/cse471 if you have trouble remembering which classes, if any, you missed)



How many of the above classes did you miss with prior notification:


Class participation:


Approximately how many times did you ask a question (or respond to one asked):




Blog participation:



How many times did you post on the blog (not counting times you posted questions asking for clarifications on the homework)?




(I know quantity does not equal quality; but you can count on me to take quality into account ;-). It is the quantity I want help with.)

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