Friday, May 8, 2009

Final pep-rally.. (and anxiety amelioration)

Some of you have started wondering whether it makes sense to plan to stand in the interminable security checks in your nice polyester cookers (err graduation gowns) and get into the Obammencement given your worrisome cumulatives in this class.

My suggestion is that you quit worrying and  focus on the final and do that well.

As I said after the mid-term, I am much more interested in torturing (I mean educating)  you during the semester than in haunting your GPA after it.
I have  a lot of respect for students who had the perseverance to stay with what people tell me is a challenging course.

Good luck
  "Not to make-up your minds, but to open them
     to make the agony of decision-making so intense
       that you can escape only by thinking"

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