Thursday, May 14, 2009

a brain aphorism based on the final..

There is a quote I used to like, and it goes like this:
 "If our brains are so simple that we can understand them,
    we will be so simple that we can't"

(Of course, I don't believe it, but I like the sound of it ;-)

Anyways, I was thinking about it, as I am grading the final and several of you wrote
"True" for the question which says that an agent has the best chance of success when
all the variables are independent.. yes you can do reasoning fast, but to what end? You
can't change a thing in the world...


Another short-answer question that only a few people got right is the last one. The point there is that
if you add a random number to the h value, then you are likely to make the h-value of each node unique.
Which means there can be as many distinct f-values as there are nodes.  This is a death-knell of IDA*


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