Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fulton course/instructor evaluations

Dear all:

Hope you are starting to have a good break and all your mental bruises are slowly healing.

I just received the results of the  teaching evaluations that you folks filled and enjoyed reading them.

Thanks to all of you who took time to fill the evaluations!

It is my somewhat quixotic custom to allow access to the evaluations to the class students for a limited time. It might give you a feel as to how your individual
views stacked up with the rest of the class (you know--sorrow desires company and all that).

In keeping with it, here are links to the full evaluations--warts and all--in case you are interested:   (471 section)      (598 section)

Regarding the comments about the difficulty level of the course, the following is the link for a comparable course taught by the textbook author 

So look at the bright side--you got almost all that, with a lower tuition, fewer projects, easier exams, *and*  a suaver accent! ;-)


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