Friday, February 13, 2009

partial solutions to the lisp refresher posted; offer to hold lisp recitation session on Monday afternoon

 I posted solutions to some of the exercises on lisp refresher exercise.

I am also willing to hold a recitation session on Monday afternoon if there is sufficient interest (a possible
time for such a session is 4pm on Monday). If you are interested in such a session let me know by replying to
this message. If there is sufficient interest, I will confirm with details of where it will be held.


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  1. Hello sir, The recitation session for LISP will be very helpful. I would like to attend this session if it happens. But I have lectures on monday from 3:30 to 4:45 pm (I think monday is a holiday. But its not specified in the MyASU yet so i m not sure whether it's a holiday or not). So if Monday is a holiday, then I will surely attend the Recitation Session if held at 4pm. Any other time on Monday will also be ok for me.


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