Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Let's make the office hours most efficient

Rao told me that many of the students have difficulties with lisp but I don't see many people show up in the office hour. I am wondering what could be the best way to make use of it. Rao suggested that I move my office to instructional lab which is located in the second floor of Brickyard where you can get access to computers. That might help because I can actually see your code and find out what the problem might be, of course, if you show up.  And I also have computer in my office with lisp-in-box installed. You are welcome to bring or send me a copy of the code and run it there.  
Which ever you prefer, please give me your opinions so that I can tell you a place to find me and serve you better.
Of course, other suggestions are welcome too.

Teaching Assistant

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