Monday, February 16, 2009

Lisp refresher lecture 1: Anatomy of lisp (23min--video)


 The following link (from transferbigfiles) gets you a nearly 1gb sized video that plays for 23min and explaining
some much needed concepts of the anatomy of lisp. Note that depending on your connection the file may take from 10min to much longer to download.

(Link expires Feb 21st)

Let me know if you find it useful, and I might continue a few more.


ps: If you want to see how it sort of looks like, you can check it out on google video.
Note however that you will have hard time reading most of the writing since google video
compresses to quite a low resolution (which is why I had to put the original on transferbigfiles)


  1. This is really helpful. If you have time, please continue the tutorial. I'd love to learn more tips and tricks. Seeing them in action while hearing them explained was the best way to learn this, and I could follow along.

  2. I also watched the first video. It was a big help! So far, I feel very good about following the lectures, and I have been reading the book without any problems. My biggest issue is when I try to use LISP to recreate what we have learned in the lectures, or code the pseudo-functions in the textbook, or write new code for the first project. It's a bridge I am having difficulty crossing. Any video the professor makes that helps me cross that gap is truly welcome.

    - Todd

  3. Just finished watching the video. I was glad to see some information about how programs are evaluated as well as seeing some tips/tricks. I had only had a bit of previous experience with Scheme, and no experience with LISP prior tot his course, so I feel like I acquired some good knowledge here that will help with the assignments. I would love to see more of these if possible.

  4. Thanks, that's a lot of good information. I have previously had a little experience with Scheme, but there is still a lot I didn't/don't know, so future installations would be much appreciated as well.


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