Saturday, March 7, 2009

Universal grammar

We had a digression yesterday about statistics vs. probability yesterday where I wound up discussing about
learning, bias in learning as well as universal grammar as a basis for language learning.

If you found any of that intriguing, you might like the following post from a previous year that talks about
universal grammars:



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  2. This is a very interesting fact that you mention...People asked how is it that children are able to develop verbal ability at just age 5 or less more than any other cognitive ability(heck common sense is highly overrated in some cases!!!)?
    The recent move towards grammar theory in natural language processing is also tending to favor cognitive theories like categorial grammars...
    Most problems in NLP are facing the same problems like in AI, dealing with hard problems...
    But the stuff that this grammar can already do is amazing...
    Any sufficiently advanced technology is nothing less than magic... We dont have a perfect theory of natural languages for computers... But it is sufficiently advanced and every now and then it does nothing less than magic...


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