Tuesday, March 17, 2009

regarding second project deadline

Dear all:

 Apparently CSE 471 student-body is turning into a veritable California electorate with voter-sponsored initiatives aimed at the evil deadlines.. I wish people divert part of this enthusiasm to blog-participation on thinking cap questions..

Anyways, while the blog makes it sound as if there is uniform and vocal support for deadline change, I have also received direct mails asking that the deadline *not be shifted* since the students in question have worked their schedules around to get done with the project.

To be fair to people who have completed their work as well as allow a little more time to those who want to complete the project, I will take the project until Tuesday with a 20% late penalty. (Please resist the temptation to ask us questions such as "Can reduce my penalty to 5pi% if I turn in the project only pi days late")


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  1. I appreciate you addressing both the concerns of the students who've completed the project and those in need of additional help. This extension will not be taken for granted. Thanks again :)


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