Friday, March 13, 2009

Confirming the pre-midterm review session [4pm, Monday, BY 510, taught by Will Cushing--cc'd here]

 A bunch of you responded saying you would like to have the review session. It is going to be held on Monday
at 4pm in Brickyard seminar room 510--when you get out of the elevators on the 5th floor just turn right

Will Cushing, a senior graduate student, kindly agreed to do the review session.
[The last time I had Will do review/tutoring sessions for 471 students, some people apparently
liked them so much that there were a few comments on the feedback survery asking me
why I don't let him do the whole shebang instead--so you know I am putting my very job on the line in letting
Will come and tech you ;-).

Will (, cc'd above) asked me to ask you to send him any topics that you particularly want to
see reviewed so he has a heads-up.


ps: To those of you who wanted to attend the review session and said you have conflicts at 4--sorry. I couldn't take the
chance of trying another time slot and introduce a fresh set of conflicts, and decided to settle for this local minima of sorts.
The room itself is reserved from 4 to 6pm. So, if you are late in coming you may still find the session going.

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