Monday, January 19, 2009

Welcome to CSE471/598 Mailing List...

Dear all:

 If you are getting this mail, it means you are either already registered for the course or have expressed interest in getting into the class.

[For those of you trying to get into the class--please show up for the first class; it is possible a few seats might be added by the end of the week]

Those of you who are already registered would also have got invitations to join the class blog by now.

The homepage for this class is at (*NOTE*--I don't maintain the class homepage on the blackboard).

Note that mails sent to the mailing list will be archived on a mail archive site ( )
as well as the class blog ( ). Both of these are also accessible from the class home page.

All of you registered to the class will also have posting privileges for the class blog. You can start threads as well as comment on existing threads.


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