Friday, January 30, 2009


All my ideas are up for reading and quoting
My ideas and notes!!


I am making short notes on interesting topics being covered in the class. Am trying to gather information about a possible desktop intelligent agent project that can tell/recommend the user about his desktop/web habits. Helping him noting his habits and giving certain recommendations about helpful tips. I am publishing my google notebook(above) that everyone can see and comment. This post should grow in size with the recommendations and help from you pouring in. The idea is to build a framework that the agent can work upon on the GNOME desktop to gather information.
First are the goal definitions of the project which are right now upto the imagination! But a few ideas are on the table:

1) Important list of web addresses and setting up monitors on the addresses to keep track of certain information(like bank balance, grades, important emails)
2) Tracking user behavior like reading, playing games, location(IP address based, maybe use some web tool). Based on this change a quick view GNOME panel. Doing a little NLP on docs we read might create a user profile.
3) What else!!!
Here be dragons!!!!/ see this link for an interesting idea.

Framework based on the GNOME desktop system. For the web we may need to look at Firefox addons/extensions.... Python is some thing that can be used very easily with GNOME GTK to gather signals....PyGTK is something you may want to look at..


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  1. I am actually in the process of making a Browser home page that would keep track of which sites you would click first upon opening a browser and put those links at the top of the page. So for example if you do a google search a lot, it would be at the top of the page or if you went to a certain blog so often it would be at the top of the page. It could be expanded to time of day as well and with a firefox addon possible automatically open tabs for those pages for you. Then maybe monitor how long you are on those pages and adjust accordingly. Some ideas I had.


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