Thursday, January 22, 2009

For those people waiting to register..


This message is directed at  3-4 people had expressed interest in getting into the class, as well as anyone currently registered who is planning to drop the class.

I was hoping earlier that there may be a chance to  increase the capacity of the class, but now that option seems infeasible. I can shuffle seats between the 471/598 sections, but cannot add any (despite the fire code capacity of the room is 47, the university records say that its capacity is 44 and it apparently is too involved to change this).

My suggestion for students trying to get in is to  monitor the registration site until Sunday midnight to see if seats become available because of students dropping (and my request for students who are anyway planning to drop is to do so earlier than sunday midnight :->).

In the unlikely event where seats become available too late to help the interested, I can try to sign late-registration papers; but that is the maximum I can do.


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